Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is a good day

Hey everyone just got done riding and it was a great one. Clint Esposito and Ed Rossi are in town and wanted to ride so they came out to the spot and had a super fun sesh. Ed came from no where and hucked a flip so we started busting out trains while Blake Shipman was on hand filming the super gnar shred sesh, you know it's going to be good with that guys skillz so stay tuned for the vid.

I signed with Smith Optics a few days ago as well as Kenda tires and I couldn't wait to ride today with the new stuff. Smith has the best goggles I have worn and I am so stoked and thankful we came to agreement especially so late in the year. Yesterday was like Christmas in summer with stacks of tires and goggles at the door so both sponsors thank you so much. Below are some photos my bro took today, enjoy and keep checking back, thanks for the support.

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