Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OTP 6 Shoot

 Yesterday I went up to Lances spot to ride with Coury, Adam, Beau, Myles and Brody to film for " On the Pipe 6", fun day for sure as I was all freshed up in my new A Stars gear. On the way up to the compound I stopped by Alpinestars to get my new 2010 stuff and I am so stoked. Check back for some photos of the new stuff and some riding shots.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FMX World interview!!!

 Last week Dan from FMX World.com emailed me some cool questions that people wanted to know about me, and the whole write up came out pretty cool, peep the link below to check it out. Thanks Dan for the love, keep up the awesome work on the site, it's a dope one for sure.

FMX World

My Osiris ad!!

  Hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know to check out the latest issue of Racer X and check my Osiris Ad out, I'm super stoked on it. My first ad with them and I can't be any happier, so pumped to finally have one and to be a part of the best team. Check out osirisshoes.com, they really are the best kicks on the planet.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daily Habit.

  Hey everyone today I went and filmed for my 2nd Daily Habit on Fuel TV which was awesome, it's always fun going there and hanging with Pat Parnell and the crew. Along with me was my Sullen teammate Chad Knight who is a pro skateboarder and my bro who is the team manager. We each had our own parts but was cool because it made it like a team thing, it was shorter than usual so I didn't get to give some of my sponsors some love like I wanted but Pat wants me back so we can do a skit with my RC car that I got from Team Associated. Speaking of the RC car my bro and I pinned it home right after and went and filmed for my newest sponsor RC10.com ( Team Associated ) to do some testing at a local track. These guys are awesome for sure and can't wait to get mine all hopped up so I can mash and huck.

Be sure to set your Tivo for April 15th and watch the show.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dare Devil show!!

 Hey whats up everyone hope you all had a great weekend, I had a ramp to ramp show on Saturday for Trigger and Seth Enslows jump off. The show was my first ramp to ramp upon my new YZF 450 and let me tell you it was a blast. Everyday I ride these bikes I have more and more fun and just want to keep riding it. Everyone rode awesome, the first show was Scotty Stephens, Taylor Sterner and myself holding it down in the wind and keeping the crowd involved while Trigger and Seth played out the wind situation. They finally jumped and what a rush, I've never seen a distance jump in person and those dudes killed it and made it look so easy. All in all was an amazing day, unfortunately the wind kicked up again and the guys called it quits but we all had fun. I wanna say thanks to the Mulisha and Brit for wanting me to ride and to all the fans out there for cheering us on.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Destin switches to 450s

  A few days ago my buddy Todd Stewart came out to Reche canyon and shot my first day upon my new 2010 YZF 450s. It was a great day, the hills were green and the sky was awesome, so awesome that a few of the shots and a write up made ESPN headlines, thanks Leyba for the props on the bikes, I'm so stoked on how they came out.